Saturday, June 23, 2012

I'm ok.

I'm really, really, really, sorry you were worried Zion.  There's no excuse for me just dropping off the planet like that.

I wanted to try.  I wanted to start over: new city = new life = new psyche.  I was afraid if I even touched on any of my old sites, I'd get sucked back in and all would be lost.

Truth is, you can't get sucked back in if you're still where you were, because you're already there.

I never really said goodbye to my eating disorder, it just slumbered for a little while.  And now that I'm so tired, tired from the move, tired from work, tired from being the new girl every fucking second, now the eating disorder has woken up.  And woken up hungry.


  1. Im so excited your back and your ok. *HUGS*

    I didnt know what to think. Many possibilities went thru my head.

    Im sure so much has happened since your move. Please fill me in when you get a chance.

    Im here for you, Missed you tons!